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Why business teams love us?

consultpages provides easy to use scheduling for your teams. Your teams spend more time on important stuff, and almost zero time in back and forth scheduling emails.


Convert marketing leads into booked appointments faster. Generate high converting meetings at scale. Spend more time in meetings. Convert more. Generate more revenue.


Calendira link on your marketing channels gets more inbound leads from your prospects. Move them into sales funnel for high growth. Run campaigns, and book appointments seamlessly.

Customer Support

Provide excellent customer service to your clients at the time of their choice. Share your availability with them. Integrate with Video conference or phone support. Increase customer satisfaction.


Share your availability with your potential clients at ease. Flexible scheduling with short recurring appointments or lengthy appointments. More bookings in your calendar. Increase your efficiency.


Schedule appointments with candidates at scale. Book varying length appointments at ease. Spend more meeting time with high-quality talent. Fast Iteration.


Share your training schedule with your students. Pre-book your classes and get maximum bookings for your services. Get more students for your classes. Increase your revenue.

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How it works?

  • Connect your Google Calendar: 30 seconds
  • Create your booking page: 30 seconds
  • Share your booking page: 30 seconds
  • Done. Total Time: Less than 2 minutes
  • Sit back and see meetings in your calendar


  • Increase Revenue: Share the link. Book more sales meetings.
  • Free: We are a 100% free serice.
  • Easy-to-use: #1 Simplest solution in the market.
  • Personalized: Select color that matches your brand
  • Auto sync: Automatic sync with Google Calendar
  • Unlimited Bookings: Unlimited bookings. Unlimited appointments.
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